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The Beauty of a Just Peachy Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls have been a popular trend among smoothie enthusiasts, health gurus, and essentially everyone! With delicious-looking smoothie bowls all over your social media feed, you may wonder what a smoothie bowl is and what exactly makes it so special. So without further ado, here is everything you should know about smoothie bowls!

Smoothie vs. Smoothie Bowl

As the name suggests, a smoothie bowl is basically a smoothie in a bowl. However, there are definitely more differences we should hash out before you decide which you should order.

A smoothie bowl is made with similar ingredients, but it has fewer liquids and more fruits, making it thicker and more nutrient dense. Also, depending on the type of smoothie bowl you order, it may have more frozen ingredients, such as bananas or acai, to give it a thicker consistency. While both a smoothie and smoothie bowl are excellent choices, the smoothie bowl is more filling, which makes it the perfect liquified meal or tasty snack.

Smoothie Bowl Toppings

Another significant difference between smoothies and smoothie bowls is that you can add as many toppings as you want! Since you are using a spoon and not a straw to eat your delicious smoothie bowl, you can have all your favorite toppings to eat with your smoothie.

Some of the most common smoothie bowl toppings include coconut shavings, granola, strawberries, blueberries, chia seeds, chocolate chips, various nut butter, and many more! Try each of the smoothie bowl toppings out and match them to the type of smoothie bowl you choose. Not only do smoothie toppings taste delicious, but they each also provide various health benefits and can make your bowl more satiating.

Just Peachy Smoothie Bowls

For the ultimate smoothie bowl, check out Just Peachy in Kelowna, BC. Our cute and trendy smoothie shop is the first independent, woman owned smoothie bar in the Okanagan. So come on down and and check it out for yourself

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